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El Matador State Beach

El Matador Beach is one of Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach's three beaches. El Matador is the three's most famous and Malibu's nearest. The parking lots for each beach are well-signed along Western Malibu's

Pacific Coast Highway. El Matador has a bluffed parking lot with picnic tables overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A path goes down on the face of the bluff through distinctive eroding formations, then stairs bring you to the remainder of the beach.There are lovely sea stacks on the beach and surfing. This is a famous place to shoot swimsuit models and amazing sunsets for pro photographers.

At the bottom of a enormous flat rock attached to the foundation of the bluff, the biggest cave faces the ocean. Visiting these natural characteristics at low tide is best. Continuing your north trek leads to the beach of La Piedra State. If you walk south, on your manner to Lechuza Beach, you will pass amazing homes.

If you have small children or older people in your party I would skip this beach all together. There are steep walk down and a lot of steps to contend with. Not a lot of beach area either and there are a lot of rock formations some submerged and some are not.


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