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Long Path Trail for hike along the Hudson River

The Long Path is  a long-distance hiking trail that goes all the way to Albany, and it starts right here. We started at the entrance right next to the GW Bridge, walked the Long Path until Dyckman Hill Trail, walked downhill on Dyckman to the shore, took the Shore Trail back toward Fort Lee, and finally turned onto the Carpenter's Trail to meet back up to near the beginning of the Long Path. It was a nice little loop. Apparently it gets more rugged further north. A significant part of the Long Path was along the highway but there were some areas near the cliffs with great views, and then Dyckman was just a walk on a sidewalk along a street. Shore Trail was crowded but a nice, leisurely walk for families. Carpenter's Trail was nice, a bunch of stone steps surrounded by forest that will get your heart rate up. Recommended to those who want a leisurely jaunt with some great views along the cliffs.


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