Enter the Square Head of La Tete Carrée Library


AWAYN IMAGE Enter the Square Head of La Tete Carrée Library
AWAYN IMAGE Enter the Square Head of La Tete Carrée Library
AWAYN IMAGE Enter the Square Head of La Tete Carrée Library
AWAYN IMAGE Enter the Square Head of La Tete Carrée Library

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La Tete Carrée Library is one of the most original building designs in the world. And originality is not what's the most impressive about it, but its functionality. A building that looks like a giant statue of a square-box with a chin, that represents a square face of a human is actually a three-story library designed by the French artist Sacha Sosno. This artwork is called Thinking inside of the box, and it is 85 feet tall. 

La Tete Carrée Library is in Nice, Southern France, and it is one of the most unique buildings that you can see in this Mediterranean city. Although visiting a library is maybe not your number one priority when traveling, this impressive structure is a must-see. The symbolic shape of the head opens many debates and new points of view, so if you want to challenge yourself and the people you travel with or need inspiration for starting a conversation with the folks at your hotel, then La Tete Carrée Library is the place to be. 

The blockhead building is one of the best places you can visit on French Riviera if you feel the need for some modern design after strolling down the romantic narrow streets of Nice and sipping their excellent wine. 

Coming to a beautiful city like this doesn't necessarily mean that you should stare at the azure water and take pictures of the Riviera. Be creative and do something that others won't do. Give a unique touch to your travel and experience the city like a local. As more hidden and spectacular spots you visit that are out of a guidebook itinerary, more fun you'll have. By the way, if you are traveling alone, it is more likely to meet local people and practice your French if you visit places that are not crowded with tourists.

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