AWAYN IMAGE Erawan waterfall
AWAYN IMAGE Erawan waterfall
AWAYN IMAGE Erawan waterfall
AWAYN IMAGE Erawan waterfall

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Splashing in cerulean pools underneath Erawan Falls is that the highlight of this 550-sq-km park. Seven tiers of water tumble through the forest, and bathing to a lower place these crystalline cascades is equally fashionable locals and guests. Reaching the primary 3 tiers is easy; on the far side here, walking shoes and a few endurance square measure required to complete the steep 2km hike (it's worthwhile to avoid the crowds within the 1st 2 pools). There square measure hourly buses from Kanchanaburi (50B, 1½ hours).

Bring a garment (and hiding T-shirt) however bear in mind you are sharing the showering space with giant, nibbling fish; monkeys are identified to grab swimmers' belongings. Level four encompasses a natural rock slide and level six typically has the fewest swimmers. Buggies (adult/child 30/15B) will transport individuals with restricted quality to the primary level. Picnickers, bear in mind that you just cannot take food and drink to level 3 or on the far side. Bottles of water square measure allowable however to forestall littering, guests square measure asked to register bottles and leave a 20B deposit (which is came once you show the bottle on your approach back down).

Elsewhere within the park, Them Phra that's a cave with a spread of shimmering rock formations. Geologists realize the caves of interest thanks to a clearly visible line. Contact the visitant centre before driving the 12km out there and a guide can meet you with paraffin lamps. There square measure many alternative fantastic caves within the park, however they are presently closed to the general public.

The park was named for Erawan, the three-headed elephant of Hindu mythology, whom the highest tier is assumed to jibe. Mixed deciduous forest covers over eighty per cent of the park, however there is conjointly dry evergreen and dry tree forest and massive swathes of bamboo. Tigers, elephants, sambur cervid, gibbons, star flying squirrels, king cobras and hornbills decision the park home, however they do not frequent the water space and you are unlikely to check them on the park's restricted trails.

From the visitant centre, Mong Lay Dry path solely takes AN hour; for one thing additional onerous, begin the 5km Khao cubage unit computer network Pee path, a three-hour walk that takes you to the falls' fifth tier.

Park bungalows sleep between 2 to eight individuals. Tent rent is 150B to 300B; if you bring your own tent, there is a 30B fee.

From Kanchanaburi, buses (50B, 1½ hours) run hourly from 8am to 5pm and go right to the visitant centre. The last bus back to city is at 4pm, and on weekends it'll be packed. Touts at the bus terminal can attempt to speak you into hiring a non-public driver rather than taking the bus, however this is not necessary.


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