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Climb the Étretat Cliff

The Etretat cliffs are located in Normandie, north-west part of France.

Etretat's white cliffs and three natural rock arches are some of Upper Normandy's best-known sights in France and a popular day trip destination. Etretat is renowned for its three natural arches and white chalk cliffs towering high above the Atlantic Ocean. These natural wonders, like the white pebble beach, are freely accessible. The arches and cliffs of the nineteenth century were famously painted by Claude Monet and other Impressionists. A story about Arsène Lupin was based here while Guy du Maupassant spent most of that childhood in the city. The old town center also makes Etretat a popular day trip destination from other Normandy towns and sights. 

April to May is best months to visit with the weather condition. The walk along the cliffs is the best activity. the tunnels below the cliffs are must visit. but make sure you read the tide time table before you go into the tunnels. the tide can raise very quickly and you can easily get trapped. the view from the cliffs are awesome but with some degree of risk involved since there are no fence along the cliff. the town is beautiful with lot of restaurants along the beach.


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