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Explore Brasov Transylvania's great outdoors

Brasov is one of the most visited cities in Romania. It’s famous for its colored streets, gothic spires, its amazing skyline and many more. Here are the top 5 things to do if you are in Brasov. 

1)Take a free walking tour

There is nothing like exploring a city by taking a free walking tour and that too with a guide. You will get to see all the vital spots in Brasov. The tour lasts for around 3- 4 hours. The guide will make you familiar with Brasov, all the details about its history and the famous food places. 

2)Brasov’s Hollywood style sign

Brasov’s Hollywood style sign is located on Mount Tampa. It’s so huge that it is visible from the entire town. You can either hike up to the mountain or even take a cable car. 

 3)The black church

If you are in Brasov you can’t miss visiting this famous gothic church. Built in the early 15th century, this church has a 7-ton bell, the biggest in Romania. The church got its name in 1689 when there was a huge fire caused by the Austrian army and the entire church was covered in black smoke. Hence, the name.

 4)The Council square

The council square also called Piata Sfatului is one of the most beautiful attractions in Brasov. Its located in the old town amidst all the pretty and pastel houses. This square is located right next to the black church. As you wander around the square you will see a lot of restaurants, cafes and shopping spaces.

 5)Cetatuia fortress

The Cetatuia fortress served different purposes. It used to be a citadel first, then a prison and now it’s a restaurant. As you walk around it you will find yourself surrounded by medieval weapons and canons. 

Hence, this beautiful destination has a lot to offer its tourists. 



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