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Explore Castle Rock State Park

This state park in Illinois covers an area of 2,000 acres in Ogle County, Illinois, United States. The site area was dedicated as a state park in 1978. Castle Rock is a bluff of exposed St. Peter Sandstone which is along the axis of the Sandwich Fault Zone, separating Ordovician exposures from those of the Cambrian period. It among those eleven state parks slated to close indefinitely on November 1, 2008 due to budget cuts by former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. It is centrally located in the Rock River Hills region of Illinois, and its rolling topography is drained by the Rock River. The area of Castle Rock was settled by New Englanders early in the 19th century. This area was proposed as a state park in 1921 by the "Friends of Our Native Landscape," and they were able to acquire some of the land they described it as an exceptional wilderness remnant of great natural beauty and scientific interest. 

This State Park is representative of the Rock River Hills Area, featuring rock formations, deep, rocky ravines, and unique species of local plant life.  There is sandstone bluff adjacent to the river, resembling a large castle is the namesake of this magnificent recreation area.

 Trail and hiking:

The park consists six miles of well-marked hiking trails, where the adventurous can view woodland animals and the many species of birds that are frequently the target of photographers.

Camping in Castle Rock State Park:

 The Park boasts a primitive camping area that is accessible only by boat, canoe or other watercraft.  Here campers can participate in number of fun activities. You will see three picnic areas available for use at the park, with shelters, large picnic tables, BBQ grills, toilets, drinking water and a playground for the kids.  

Fishing can be fun here: 

This park has significance of being the largest natural areas in the northern part of Illinois. Walking along the Rock River you will find that, Castle Rock State Park offers one and a half miles of bank fishing. A boat ramp is available along the bank, although the size of the boats allowed in the river varies from season to season due to the change in water depth. The most commonly hooked fish here is the Channel Catfish, but other species, such as bass, Northern walleye, and crappie have also been taken by patient, experienced anglers.



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