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Explore Fullersburg Woods

There aren’t a lot of feelings that are better than the one you get when you take some time out of your day to simply bask in and connect with nature. Walking along a leaf strewn and grassy path that is lined on either side with tall, arching trees that cover most of your vision as you look up, leaving only a liver of the blue sky peeking from between them. The sun filtering through the leaves to fall softly on your skin as you close your eyes and focus on the sounds of the birds chirping away gleefully and squirrels skittering about, chasing each other up and down the tree trunks.


If you are craving a setting like this, then the Fullersburg Woods in Illinois are the ideal picnic spot for you and your loved ones. Spread over a gigantic 220 acres, this forest is the home for a variety of natural wildlife and plantation, giving you the golden opportunity to experience a slice of heaven on Earth in its purest form. The forest is filled with oak trees and is home to a number of native animals, including the likes of songbirds, herons, egrets, warblers that migrate to these woodlands in the spring and fall seasons, beavers, and even some red foxes.


Running through the Fullersburg Woodlands are multiple trails, any of which can be taken depending on the activities you wish to participate in. you can bike, hike, do horseback riding, snowshoe, as well ski cross country in the winter season when the woods are covered under a layer of pristine snow. On the other hand, if you just want to sit back and relax, you can simply book one of the picnic shelters for a quiet lunch in the greenery, or go out to Salt Creek for a day of relaxing, boating, and fishing.



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