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Explore Hike to Helvetestinden Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika, is located in an isolated highland in the northern part of Moskenesøy. It is only reached by foot. It feels like the edge of the world. The easier hike of Kvalvika beach makes it an excellent place for camping. Behind the beach there is flat glassy turf that has plenty of scenic areas where you can pitch a tent. Recently the beach has become the most popular in Norway with camping areas on Lofoten. Therefore if you are planning a trip to this beach arrive earlier so that you can find a good place to place your tent

Although Kvalvika is small as compared to other beaches it still stands as the beach with the most breathtaking experience with high mountains that surrounds it .The way to view the beach is from the slopes of Ryten which is a 500 meter high mountain which towers on the right side of the beach. It therefore makes Kvalvika a fantastic location for a night for camping with friends of family, because there are plenty of places that you can pitch your tent.

The beach gets water from the streams that come down from the right side of the beach close to the trail to Ryten. Hiking to Kvalvika beach is one of the most exciting things that you should try to visit, it is certainly a must do when you are at Lofoten. The parts are usually market as snow especially during the winter months. However you need to follow the steps ahead of you and your hike will be fabulous.

Overall, the beach is cool with colored water. dot to high mountains the whole cove is normally shade up to the afternoon , this is why it is recommended that you tour the beach I the evening hours to enjoy every bit of your stay with a lot of comfort.



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