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AWAYN IMAGE Explore Lookout Mountain
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Lookout Mountain
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Lookout Mountain

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Georgia, the state of peaches, is one of the gems of the United States, harboring jaw droppingly stunning and amazing sights, both urban and natural, within its bounds. You will never run out of things to do and stuff to see when in this state. One of the famous attractions of Georgia lies in the northwest corner of the state, crossing into the states of Alabama and Tennessee: the Lookout Mountain. If you want to escape the lights and hurried hustle of the urbanized and modernized cities, and succumb to the quiet serenity and peace of nature, then head on over to hike up the Lookout Mountain and immerse yourself in a trail that is not only extremely relaxing, but also a sight to see.


The hike on the mountain connects the Windy Saddle Park and the Apex Park, whereas the Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve is located right in between. You will be greeted to a world of grassy plains that stretch out for miles on end, wildflowers that sway in the wind and grow in the unlikeliest of places, and wildlife that provides the heart melting backdrop to some memorable visuals. Among the animals that find their habitat in the plains of the Lookout Mountain are the likes of mule deer as well as a number of different birds that you will get to hear and see, if you are lucky. The trail is lined on either side by tall pine forests. You can also opt for the trail if you are a fan of cycling or running, as opposed to hiking and walking. Regardless, the Lookout Mountain in Georgia has something for everyone, whether you are a fan of heart racing adventure, or a calming experience.


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