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Explore Mount Athos The Holy Mountain

If you like Greece, you should visit Mount Athos, because it will amaze you with the mountainous surface with a striking and wild nature. From the eastern area you can reach south by finding the Chalcidic Peninsula in Central Macedonia, this area will also be referred to as “The Sacred Mountain”, where you will have a beautiful coast and spectacular views.

In addition to being able to find very attractive hiking trails, in the area you can admire about twenty Orthodox monasteries. In most temples it will be very unlikely that women can reach visit the temples, since on Mount Athos only male monks can live reaching a small number of citizens.

But the travel zone is not only really seductive in its nature and the activities that can be carried out on this mountain, but it will also contain a good historical tradition that will show all the series of invasions that existed in ancient times, together with the first medical wars and the reconquests. The looting that took place in the fourteenth century broke with the balance of the area, which was soon restored and rebuilt. The last natural disasters such as forest fires that occurred a couple of years ago were also the cause of the destruction of some of the temples in the area such as the Helandari monastery.

Normally to visit the temples you must obtain a permit that you must request previously in Thessaloniki by withdrawing it in Ierissos or Ouranoupolis, with which you can visit having access to four days of visit as a maximum limit. From the last-mentioned villages, you can access other monasteries as well as natural parks where hiking will be a wonderful and lively task through its charming trails. In addition to the peaceful environment you will be surprised by the pleasant mild climate, with more than 1500 native species of plants and trees among which chestnut, oak and beech trees will stand out. In addition to all the plants you will find all kinds of reptiles and mammals, the most famous species will be the magpie, with protected species among which marine animals, dolphins and seals will also be counted.


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