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Explore Myra Necropolis – the land of the ruins

Each one of us has a love for traveling. We explore different parts of the world and our search for more remains a constant. Have you ever heard about Myra Necropolis? In this blog we will tell you about this place and the tourism present here.

The place of Myra Necropolis is very famous among the tourists who come to visit here. All the people who come to visit Turkey, never miss to visit this place. The main reason behind this is because of the architecture this place presents to the visitors who have been there.

The ruins of associate town of Myra contains a formidable graveyard as well as tombs of rulers and relations and an adjacent massive Roman amphitheatre with thirty-five consecutive rows of seats. The facade of the amphitheatre was richly embellished with theatrical masks and mythological scenes. To the west of the theatre, the steep formation is faveolated with closely packed rock-cut tombs. The temple of Arthemis Eleutheria, Myra’s protecting god, was one among the foremost appreciated structures of the world. Tt's same to be the Lycia’s most tremendous building however it absolutely was fully destroyed by an order of Saint Nicholas, who needed to wipe out religious belief within the region.

The discovery of this place is said to be in 1840 by Charles Fellows. You can visit the ruins which are present from Demre which 90 miles away from Antalya. The connectivity of this place is good enough. You can take a bus which will easily take you to this place. But, if you visit this place you must keep in mind that the visiting time of this place is from 9am to 7pm. 

Therefore, plan a trip to this beautiful place and explore ancient history. Moreover, visiting Myra Necropolis will provide you an another vision of how you view life. 


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