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Explore Qinghai-Xizang Desert Salt


Qinghai gets its name from the Qinghai Lake which is the largest inland saltwater lake in China. It nestles in the north eastern part of the western China. The capital city of Qinghai province is Xining which has population of almost every different race and culture. 

There is no perfect time to travel to this place. In fact, every month of the year holds a special value added to the traveling. The temperature is almost cool throughout the year and there is a large difference between temperatures of day and night. There is very less rainfall throughout the year. Therefore, you must carry winter clothes if you are planning to visit this place. 

The best part about visiting Qinghai is rich cultural heritage and diversity of the region. In addition, the flora and fauna of the area is mesmerizing and consists of a diversified class of species. The area is covered with icy peaks, vast pastures, and the Gobi Desert. Various animals present here are chiru, wild camel, snow leopard, and black stork. Not only the culture and heritage of the place fascinates you, but also this beautiful nature and the surroundings make you feel great about the place. 

The monasteries that are present in this place hold a special place in the hearts of people. One of the most prominent monastery that is situated in this place is the Kumbum Monastery. People from all over the world come to visit this monastery as this is one of the major monasteries of the world. Apart from this, there are other places to visit here such as Kanbula National Forest Park, Guide National Geological Park, Tibetan Culture & Medicine Museum, China Fortune Wheel, Jyekundo Dondrubling Monastery and Yushu Museum. 

Therefore, the place is one of the most popular tourist attractions present there. 



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