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Explore Stiniva, on the Croatian island of Vis

Stiniva, also known as Stiniva cove, on the Croatian island of Vis has been voted the best beach in Europe in 2016, by a popular European travel portal. Stiniva is the perfect place to immerse yourself in natural Croatian beauty. 

 Stiniva Beach is located on the east coast of the small and wild Vis island of Croatia. A lot of tours and a lot of people will advise you to get to the beach by boat, but you can also save your money and hike for free! 

If you don't want to take a boat tour combining Stinivia Beach with other sites like the Blue Grotto, you can walk down to Stiniva Beach! Not only is it free and easy, if you hike early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can beat the crowds and have this wonderful beach all for yourself!

Another way to beat the crowd is to go after 4 PM. The tour boats won't service tourists after 4 pm and that will make a perfect time to enjoy the beach although you won't have as much time to sunbathe. Also, try to be there in May or June when there are still fewer tourists around.

Note: do NOT attempt in flipflops or sandals to approach the beach! Bring shoes, boots, or anything that can hold on to the very steep and rocky mountain until you get down and back. It would take up to 20-30 minutes, but if you don't stress it might be enjoyable. And when you're half over there and see the view, you know it's worth it. 


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