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Explore the Bali butterfly park

The Bali Butterfly Park (or Taman Kupu-Kupu in Balinese), in the village of Wanasari in Tabanan, central Bali, is one of the more magical places to visit during your time in Indonesia. The grounds span a huge 3000sqm and houses hundreds of different types of butterflies and other insects. This park is said the be the largest of its kind in all of Asia, also acts as a research center, focusing on conservation and collection of endangered species of insects.  

The trip to the park is approximately 30 kilometers north west of Denpasar and it is a good idea to hire a driver for a full or half day so that you will be able to explore other sights and attractions after your visit to The Bali Butterfly Park. Make sure you head there before 10am, otherwise you will have to share the butterflies with loads of other tourists and that wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable, also this is the time when butterflies are at their most active, flying from flower to flower and siphoning off fresh dew and nectar 

Taman Kupu Kupu Bali opened in 1993 following the International Butterfly Conference that was held that year in Makassar, South Sulawesi, off the idea that Indonesia’s rich insect world should be promoted to help spread environmental awareness. The park is conveniently situated at an altitude that’s suitable for the tropical insects to breed and thrive.

Children will love this attraction and it is entirely family friendly. Some butterflies even like to get up close and personal flying down to land on you. 

A museum type arrangement with glass boxes and display cabinets is in a room through a walkway from the main area. This is home to many different creepy crawlies including scorpions, spiders, beetles and other butterfly specimens from all over the world.  The Bali Butterfly Park is open daily 8am – 5pm (last entry 4pm) and the entry fee for adults is – Rp 50,000, children are admitted at no cost.



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