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Explore the beautiful Saranrom Park

Saranrom Park was originally part of a palace built by Rama IV in 1866. Rama V gave the palace to his younger brothers, including the crown prince, who stayed there before becoming king.

The animals were moved to the present location in Dusit when Rama V built the new royal city there around the turn of the twentieth century. After that, the park and its palace were turned over to the foreign ministry. The palace was then used to house foreign dignitaries visiting the kingdom.

Today a wander through the garden reveals a Victorian gazebo, paths lined with frangipani and a moat around a marble monument built in honour of one of Rama V’s favourite wives, Queen Sunantha, who died in a boating accident in 1880.

The park makes for an interesting place to rest if you're trying to explore the old royal city beyond the confines of the Grand Palace and Wat Po.

In addition to this, the south-end of the park has an intricate marble monument in memory of King Rama V's wife Queen Sunanda.

A garden close to the Grand Palace and Wofo Temple is surrounded by military museums equipped with weaponry with European architectural styles that are different from the Golden Roof.

There are many green areas in the park, a small lake and several restaurants nearby.

The park is shady with trees, a large area of grassland, and a well-paved smooth walkway, which is suitable for walking



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