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Explore the ever green Aharen Beach (阿波連ビーチ)

Located in one of the least visited parts of Kyushu Island is Arahen Beach, which boasts some of the most crystal clear waters in Japan. The calm waters make the swimming safe for people of all ages and abilities and the beach is patrolled by lifeguards during daylight hours. 

The beach is easily accessed in the summer by the JR Nishinan Line via Aoshima Station, or all year round by bus or water taxi. Perched on the same latitude of 26 degrees North as the Grand Bahama Island, Arahen Beach receives an extremely balmy climate and an incredible range of tropical marine life. 

Arahen Beach runs on island time, so there’s no reason to feel rushed. Lying around on the beach is completely acceptable and there are several rental shops to get beach chairs or beach towels for the day. 

The snorkelling and diving activities are very popular amongst tourists as there is a large range of colorful coral, so it is easy to find schools of silver, black and blue schools of fish, along with the occasional sea turtle and sea snake. There are also numerous coves on the beach that are best reached by kayak or boat. 

For those looking to take in a panoramic view, there is a short hike to the cliff edges on each side of the beach, which is best enjoyed at sunset. 

Around Arahen Beach are several restaurants that are only open in high season, along with changing rooms and showers to also enjoy during the day at Arahen Beach. There is also a camping ground near the beach for those that want to extent their stay. 



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