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Explore the Frederiksborg Castle

If your dream is to visit the largest Renaissance style royal palace in Scandinavia, then book a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark, and join a tour to the Frederiksborg Castle just north of the city center.  

The castle was built in the 17th century in honor of King Christian IV who was ruling with Denmark and Norway at that time. The monarch first destroyed his father's house where he was born, and on the same spot, he built this grandeur structure that still stands out as the most important landmark of the Nordic countries. 

Unfortunately, in 1859 this beautiful castle was severely destroyed in a fire, but with the help of the entire nation, it was reconstructed and opened again in 1878. Since then, Frederiksborg Castle is home to the Museum of National History, showcasing artifacts from the Danish history. The museum hosts the largest portrait collection in the country that allows visitors to learn more about the royal history of Denmark. Also, there is a possibility of taking a glance at the Great Hall, the renowned ballroom above the chapel that depicts the high-class life of Denmark centuries ago.  

The outside of the castle is gorgeous. The baroque gardens built after the major fire are still the same that we see today, displaying the extraordinary beauty and the exquisite taste of King Christian IV. 

The castle complex is spread across three islands in the “Castle Lake", and on the other side of it, you can see the spectacular Italian palace where the King lived during the reconstruction time. 

If you ever visit Copenhagen, there is no way to miss this spectacular site and enjoy an entire afternoon exploring the surroundings of this royal jewel.  

Frederiksborg Castle is one of the most beautiful architectural creations in Europe, deserving a high spot on your travel bucket list. 



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