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Explore historical sights of the Gamla Stan

To explore Gamla Stan is to get a glimpse of many of the historical sights and places that made Stockholm the city it is. Gamla Stan was the original centre of Stockholm, when it first began to grow, in the 13th century. It is amazing, wandering around the streets of the Old Town and soaking in the history. The building that houses Storkyrkobadet is a great example of one of these notable locations where you can almost feel the history as soon as you step in. it  is located in a vault, in the underground room of a building dating back to the 17th century in Stockholm’s Old Town. The building was in the beginning a Dominican convent all through which time the vault served alternately as a coal and wine cellar. In the 1890s, the building was converted to a primary school, and the vault became the baths for the students. It would take another half century before a sauna was built and the bath was opened to the public. In spite of its popularity and history, Storkyrkobadet’s existence is in danger. While entering the premises you should abide by the following rules:   

Bottles and other items of glass are strictly forbidden on the sites.

All alcohol consumption is prohibited on the premises.

Any items containing fire or glow like candles or incense etc are prohibited on the premises.

The staff has the right at any time during the booked date to inspect the premises for safety and to see that the rules of conduct are upheld.

The bathhouse staff only does the elementary spring-cleaning of the premises.

The swimwear rules at Storkyrkobadet are quite similar as on the other bathhouse in Stockholm. 



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