Explore the gems of Cies Islands


AWAYN IMAGE Explore the gems of Cies Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the gems of Cies Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the gems of Cies Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the gems of Cies Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the gems of Cies Islands

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The Cies Islands are considered to be the biggest treasure of Ria de Vigo (Vigo estuary). They are an incredible National Maritime-Terrestrial Park and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. So maybe that’s why the Romans called them the Islands of the Gods. And you will surely understand why as soon as you get the first glimpse at them. Its extraordinary beauty and greenness contrast with the crystal clear ocean and the islands seem like a small oasis in a blue desert. You can almost imagine a Robinson Crusoe-type scenario where you voluntarily would hide from the world and never come back – and I’m sure you would be the happiest person ever.

The archipelago of Cies is made by 3 islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro, and San Martiño. The first two are connected by a very long beach, Rodas beach, which is the “best beach the world”, according to The Guardian.

The Cies are a part of the Atlantic Islands' National Park, a paradise of incredible beaches and crystal clear water, with a natural ambiance which turns them into a unique observatory of wild fauna and flora. 

A visit to the Cies is ideal, not only to do some trekking and explore its surroundings with the family but as well as to one escapade looking to found for peaceful and virgin beaches.  

You can get a one-day excursion by boat or, even better, rent a yacht in Vigo. You can also, if you enjoy those kinds of things, spend the weekend camping on the islands. Besides its incredible beauty and extraordinary landscape and surroundings, it is also an exceptional place for diving in the Ria de Vigo. And maybe, if you’re really lucky, you can swim surrounded by roazes, a species of small dolphins. 

Being in northern Spain and don't visit the Cies Islands should be considered a crime.


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