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AWAYN IMAGE Explore the Gunung Kawi
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the Gunung Kawi
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the Gunung Kawi

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The complex of the Gunung Kawi Temple consists of a set of ancestral shrine paintings sculpted into a rock cliff in central Bali. The primary location overlooks the sacred river Pakerisan, which also runs one kilometer south up the Tirta Empul Temple. A temple courtyard with old Hindu temples in a more modern architectural style is located across the stream from the ancient paintings.

Bali's Pejeng region is renowned for its wealthy archeological site collection, and Gunung Kawi Temple is a popular stopover on routes through the Gianyar regency's main uplands. The 300 steps down to the stream flank lush paddy fields and a beautifully green valley–they take you back in moment and away from modernity.Proper clothing requires a sarong cloth with a sash around the neck and females are not allowed to enter the Gunung Kawi Temple complex during their phases. Sashes and sarongs can be rented at a booth in front of the steps leading down to the village with the ticket buy. Every year after the Purnama Katiga or' 3rd complete moon' on the Balinese calendar, the sanctuary is adorned during its piodalan festival centenary. Such occasions enable pictures to have a more festive and exotic environment. Note that around 4.5 km southwest there is a likewise named temple, Gunung Kawi Sebatu.

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