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Explore the Lake Anterselva (Antholzer See)

Lake Anterselva lies at 1,642 m above sea level and is the third-largest lake in Alto Adige. The stunning scenery of the Nature Park of the Vedette di Ries Aurina, in the Aurina Valley provides the perfect setting for this lake. Legend has it that one day a beggar stopped before all three palaces on the shores of the lake. As no one would let him in, he predicted that the streams would rise behind the three manor farms and that they would engulf the courts. The prophecy came true. This is how Lake Anterselva appeared. 

Lake Anterselva is a little gem and beautiful nature park that is positioned on top of the valley.  A large number of breeding cows are present along the path. Great parking which is located at the end of the road at 6 € for the whole day with info point and services. Do not take highway.

An excellent alternarive is to take the local riad and visit this place. It offers nit only breathtaking panorama of Alps, but also you can walk along the lake, have a lunch or coffee and enjoy the time! This place should not to be missed


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