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Explore the magical Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is known to be the largest Sea Islands of the south eastern US. Cumberland Island comprises Great and Little Cumberland Islands. In the early 1880’s Thomas Morrison Carnegie and his lovely wife Lucy came to the island to establish the family’s presence. Cumberland Island sets up in the westernmost point of shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean in the United States having 17.5 miles (28.2 km) long, with an area of 36,415 acres (147.37 km2 or 56.25 square miles), including 16,850 acres (68.2 km2) of marshy land. In the town of St. Marys, Georgia the Cumberland Island Visitor Center, Cumberland Island Museum, and Lang concession ferry to the island are located. It is said that visitors get to the Cumberland Island through their special ferry service operated under Lang’s Seafood. The ride is almost of 45 minutes departing from Cumberland Island Visitor Center. 

Things to be done while visiting Cumberland Island:

A trip to this beautiful island can be rewarding and a moment of rejoice for the enthusiasts of nature and peace. It’s a must place for all the passionate, fanatic and devotees of history and motherland nature’s pleasure. Following is the list of things to be done when you are exploring the Cumberland Island.

•Exploring the wild life:

This island comprises 17.5 miles of pristine beaches and a perse range of wildlife, including armadillos, wild turkeys, vultures, manatees, sea turtles, white tail deer, bobcats, otters and so much more. One of the most exciting animals to spot, however, is the wild horses that roam the island. Despite the fact that they may be gorgeous creatures, under no circumstances you should approach or touch them. Due to syndrome and the rough environment, the horses have a fairly short life expectancy. Estimation says that about 150-200 horses currently live on the island.

•Experiencing aerial flight:

One of the best things is to experience aerial view of the island through aerial flight provided by famous sports club.  Keep your eyes wide open to witness the magnificent sites and majestic wild animals that are just going about their normal routine, unaware you are observing them from above.

•Beaching and witnessing the amazing sunset:

The island consists of 17-mile-long tract of undeveloped, white sandy beaches is virtually empty, aside from chance encounters with wild horses, dolphins and sea birds. The narrow island is lined by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Cumberland Sound to the west; it isn't difficult to find the perfect spot to watch a sunrise or sunset.

•Experiencing the peace of nature: 

Where you know there might be hundreds of activities you can experience on the shores of Cumberland Island one must to be done is just sitting back and relax in lap of nature’s utter magnificence and pleasure. Sometimes slinging a hammock across the branches of a gargantuan southern live oak and settling in for a nap is all that is to be done to have peace of mind.






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