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Explore the Pura Maospahit

The pura is known for its bare red-brick architecture, reminiscent of the architecture of the 13th-century Majapahit Kingdom, hence the name.

Notable for its red-brick architecture, the temple is the only one in Bali to adhere to the concept of Panca Mandala where the innermost sanctum is at the center instead of facing Mount Agung, widely believed to be the spiritual center of Bali. Established in the 14th century, at the time the Majapahit arrived from Java, this temple was damaged in a 1917 earthquake and has been heavily restored since.

The oldest structures are at the back of the temple, but the most interesting features are the large statues of Garuda and the giant Batara Bayu (God of Wind).

One of the most striking aspects of the temple is the larger-than-life statues of Garuda and the wind-god Batara Bayu.

Extensive restoration works have been completed on the temple after an earthquake in 1917 reduced much of the temple to rubble.

Pura Maospahit is the only pura in Bali which was built using a concept known as Panca Mandala where the most sacred area is situated at the center instead of at the direction of the mountain.

Today, the red-brick building Candi Raras Maospahit still exists and becomes the main shrine of the Pura Maospahit temple complex.

The first mandala is located to the west of the main shrine, access to this mandala is marked by a red-brick kori agung gate facing Jalan Sutomo, known as the Candi Kusuma.

The second mandala to the south of the main shrine is marked by a kori agung gate known as Candi Renggat, which provides access to the second mandala.

The fourth mandala was used to display sacred art which is only shown during festivals in Pura Maospahit.

The fifth mandala known as the jero or the utamaning mandala ("main mandala") is the centermost sacred mandala where the main shrines are located: the red-bricked Candi Raras Maospahit and Candi Raras Majapahit.

Other pelinggih shrines similarly built in red bricks and thatched roof dotted the utamaning mandala, each is dedicated toward a local deity.




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