Explore the Seochon Village


AWAYN IMAGE Explore the Seochon Village
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the Seochon Village
AWAYN IMAGE Explore the Seochon Village

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Also known as Sejong Village, this village is a time capsule for what the old Seoul used to look like. It is located near the Gyeongbokgung Palace and has weathered alleyways that have traditional looking Korean homes that are nearly 500 years old lined along them. 


A leisurely stroll through Seochon Village will take you past many interesting boutique shops, cafes and art galleries—which harmonise perfectly with their historic surroundings. 


Keep an eye out for the Deo-O Bookstore, which is the oldest bookstore in Seoul and a great way to spend a few hours by browsing through the old leatherback books.  Another historic stop is at the King Sejong Stone Palace, which is the birthplace of the fourth king of the Joseon dynasty—King Sejong. He was the creator of the Korean alphabet Hangul and can be found on the green Korean 10,000 bank notes. 


For a bite to eat, there are three unique places to visit in Seochon Village. First is the Seojong Village Food Street, which is an alley that is lined with many affordable Korean food options. Next is Tosokchon Samgyetang, which is famous for their delicious Ginseng Chicken Soup. The other option is a unique experience at the Tongin Market, where you can build your own lunch boxes in exchange for traditional coins.  There’s a colour coded map in the middle of the market that helps you find where the different stalls are—just don’t forget to complete your lunchbox with Sikhye—a traditional Korean drink made of rice. 




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