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Explore the Souk (Essaouira)

The heart of Essaouira, this bustling souk, converges several diverse markets with everything from argan oil, fruits, herbs, honey, and grains to livestock and animal products.  The souk in Essaouira has many of the same things as those in Marrakech. However, it is much easier to navigate than some of the others in Morocco.

Within these souks ..enjoy posing and clicking .it's not too big that you should be lost .yet one can meander around and yet find something new to discover every street you turn.

Love the bustling colors and the very thematic blue/white color, which dominates Essaouira palette.

 Try and go early morning to appreciate the pretty blue and white colors and the peace but go again later in the day when busier in full swing so you can shop. Not the cleanest of places, but that is generally the case in Morocco. There are beggars but mainly elderly and does not feel threatening.


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