Visit the Tomb of Ali Barid


AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Tomb of Ali Barid
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Tomb of Ali Barid
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Tomb of Ali Barid
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Tomb of Ali Barid

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Ali Barid was the third of the Barid Shah Dynasty of Bidar. He died in 1579. He was one of the longest-reigning and most successful among all the Barid Shahi sultans. In the necropolis to the west of Bidar, this Tomb is a masterpiece among all other Barid Shahi Tomb’s. The tomb was built before the sultan's death. The tomb is situated in the middle of the Charbagh garden. There is also a small mosque behind the Tomb. 

Unlike other Tomb’s which have a closed structure, this Tomb has an open structure with large archways in each of its four sides. This open structure design became quite popular in Bidar. You will find a two-storied gateway leading to the Tomb. 

On the exterior you will find the arched openings decorated with carved stones dados, which goes up to a height of two meters. Through the archways you can easily see the cenotaph carved in black basalt. The entire tomb has a simple architecture except for the elaborate treatment of the Tomb, which gives it a bulbous form. 

Some of the other details you will notice in the Tomb are its ornamental arched recesses which are arranged in pairs above the arches. It is believed that this was made for colored tilework decoration. In the spandrels of the arches, you will also find some traces of mosaic faience medallions remains. 

In the interior you will find verses from the Persian poet Attar, long band of Quranic text, inscriptions containing couplets, sacred extracts in some languages like Kufic, Nashki or Tughra scripts and also some personal eulogies. 

On the platform, you will notice some small graves. These are of the women from Ali Barid’s harem. 

The simplicity of this tomb makes it way more beautiful and the architecture of this is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture.


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