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AWAYN IMAGE Explore Tintern Abbey
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Tintern Abbey
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Tintern Abbey
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Tintern Abbey
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Tintern Abbey

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Tintern Abbey is located in Wales, England- An iconic place for poets and painters during the romantic period. Tintern Abbey is considered as a Welsh icon.  

Tintern Abbey was founded for Cistercian monks in 1131. Between the years 1220 and 1287, Tintern Abbey was entirely rebuilt. In the early 14th century, the building was finally completed, just with some minor things left. After the desolvation of Tintern Abbey in 1537, the property was given to the Lord of Chepstow. 

The original Abbey was quite different and simple from what it is now. The second Abbey that you see today is much grande. In the new rebuild church, you will find gothic arches, windows with the delicate tracery. The Abbey is surrounded by buildings that sustain life of many people of the abbey community. It also has library, chapter house, dormitories, etc. Over a hundred choir monks lived here. This Abbey also gave employment to many people involving them in architect and construction work. This new build Abbey is one of the masterpieces of British Gothic architecture. 

Presently, the Abbey is managed by CADW. There is a minimal entry fee that you need to give to visit Tintern Abbey. Tintern Abbey is located amidst stunning natural beauty. Although the Abbey has been ruined now still this place is magical. When you visit this place you will wander in the thoughts of how beautiful its history is. Tough the Abbey doesn't have a roof anymore but its ancient stones make it one of its kind of Gothic icons. 

If you are done with the ‘been there done that’ list of Wales, it’s time to include this beautiful place in it and get it ticked off.  And once you see this Abbey on your own you will see that even words can't describe how amazing this place is. 


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