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Explore Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the southernmost town in the world known as the gate to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, as well as Antarctica. Surrounded by spectacular beauty, this touristic spot was known as a prison area for a long time, while now it hosts a lot of hike and ski trails, traditional cuisine restaurants, hotels, and wildlife watching tours. 

If you ever decide to visit Ushuaia, don't miss the opportunity to go sailing through the Beagle Channel. Just like Charles Darwin, you will get to enjoy the scenic landscapes of Bridges Island, spot dolphins and whales, and see the still-operating white-red lighthouse. 

Some boats will let you explore the island and take pictures of the local flora and fauna, while long-distance cruises will take you to Glacier Alley, a must-see while in Ushuaia. 

Another magnificent place that you can visit at the end of the world is Harberton Farm, only 40 miles away from Ushuaia by bus or a car. However, the most thrilling way to get there is by boat, visiting the penguins at Isla Martillo on the way. Here you can see colonies of Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, but fist, make sure that the boat you choose allows disembarking (some of them don't). The penguins are waddling around as if you're not there, so the view quite amazing. 

The ski fanatics can enjoy the longest ski season in South America at Cerro Castor, accompanied by awe-inspiring vistas and fresh air.

The hiking enthusiasts can roam the well-marked trails around the blue-green glacial lake Esperalsda, while the romantic souls can take a train ride around Ushuaia, that was primarily operating as timber transportation. 

If you are not interested in any of the adventures that Ushuaia has to offer, then choose one of the microbreweries in town and try the best beer that Argentina produces. Good luck!



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