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Sled Dog Adventures

Sled Dog Adventures is just amazing! Highly recommend booking here for dog sledding. Called Kathy early in the morning and asked if anything was available for sledding later on that day and she said there was! $95 for 1 hr. She gave me the location of where to meet and also recommended taxi driver named Steve who took us there. Was riding with someone else so I was standing up at first during the trip but then we switched and I was able to lay in the sled. Amazing ride & views. Very very well trained dogs! Listened and obeyed every command instantly. Very glad we went with this company for our dog sledding, highly recommend and plan on using the next time I visit! In case you aren't dressed well, they let you borrow gear to put so you can stay warm! My Packing List: It's cold so use a very warm coat. I have used Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ultra Loft Insulated Arctic Cloth.It's a very good jacket for winter. Provides protection from cold W/O being too heavy. The jacket fits as expected. So far no issues with it. The product is as described. I'm only 5'3" and the jacket is just the right size. Highly recommended. My boots are Crocs AllCast.The boots are great, but the left one has a couple issues that I'm worried will lessen the integrity of the boot over time. I can see a space where there is glue instead of an over-lap of leather, and there are some loose stitches at the top where the soft fabric is.. both these issues are noticeably more in tact on the right boot :-( I'm thinking about exchanging, but bummed about needing to go through that process. I have also my MSR Talus TR3 Trekking Pole. just used my new MSR Talus TR# trekking poles for the first time today on an 11 mile hike through rocky terrain in Pennsylvania and they handled the terrain extremely well. These are simply solid as a rock and built for a lifetime. The workmanship and tolerances used to make these is top notch. I have held many different brands of trekking poles in my hands throughout the years and throughout the country and I prefer these hands down to anything else. They telescope easily enough with MSR's trigger system they use. The tips are tough as nails, even on PA's terrain like the Appalachian Trail. I have an ultra lite backpacking tent and I use these as the 2 main support poles. I swear my tent could withstand a tornado with these. The grips are very comfortable even though they are not cork like some prefer. There are shiny logos and bells and whistles throughout. A few people have already commented on them in a positive light. I will definitely buy these again for my fiance. Buy the best!


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