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Fall in love with Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park

Devils Millhopper State Park is a geological wonderland in Florida. Nestled in the north-western part of Gainesville, it is maintained by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. One of the most remarkable features here is the giant sinkhole. The sinkhole is a natural wonder formed by the acidic action of the groundwater. Over a hundred feet of rocks layers lay nude by the dissolution of limestone on the surface. 

The pool of the sinkhole is fed by the waters of twelve springs. Surprisingly, the bottom of the sinkhole stays a lot cooler due to a huge depth and the canopy of the rainforest trees. The park is a perfect combination of landscape beauty and history. You can explore this magnificent park and stand a huge chance to come across fossil fuels of ancient wildlife. Moreover, the beautiful and varied fauna of Devils Millhopper State Park provides the perfect setting for a thrilling and relaxing trial. 

The Devils Millhopper State Park holds three different ecological environments. You will find pine trees in the sandy area. Hammocks are found in the moist soils. While the vegetation of the swampy areas depends on the seasons. It is a famous getaway spot for a perfect lunch amidst nature. Biking along this park is something you’ll cherish and want to do always. Also, in place of a ranger station, you have an honor box where you have to deposit the entrance fees. 

The 120 feet sinkhole is what attracts the most attention. You have to walk down 212 steps of the boardwalk to get to the pool. The half a mile nature trail is worth mentioning. The directions are mentioned properly along with photos. The picturesque view of the limestone sinkhole with lush vegetation elates the value of this park. Come and discover the best of nature in the Devils Millhopper State Park of Florida.



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