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Family Getaway at Heisler Park

Heisler Park is an oceanfront park in Laguna Beach, California. Having access to different sandy beaches including Picnic Beach and Rockpile Beach. Heisler Park is one of the most attractive parks in the state, also offering access to the two opposite points of the park, Main Beach and Diver's Cove. The park got its name by Howard G. Heisler, the person who bought the entire land in 1905. A lot of people come here to spend a relaxing time with their families, enjoying the numerous amenities that make this area a welcoming and comfortable place. Heisler Park has picnic tables, showers, paved paths, grass lawns where the kids can play safely, a gazebo, grills, and bathrooms. The park also includes a veterans’ memorial dedicated to the ones who fought for the US' freedom. Veterans Monument's most interesting part is the time capsule that was sealed up in 1977 and will be open in 2027, on May 30th. 

Getting to Heisler Park is easiest through Myrtle Street that leads directly to the Cliff Drive where you can find marked street parking.  

If ever visit Heisler Park, you must try the seafood specials at Las Brisas, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. 

Without thinking too much about where to spend your next weekend, just make a reservation at Laguna Cliffs Inn, and spend memorable days in this remarkable park that has it all for you to enjoy. 

Don't think twice when it comes to having a great time, relax, and explore some of California's most hidden, yet spectacular beaches. 

Heisler Park is the number one family weekend escape, offering a little bit for everyone. Grab the last summer days and see why we love this spot so much!



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