Sightseeing the Great Pollet Sea Arch


AWAYN IMAGE Sightseeing the Great Pollet Sea Arch
AWAYN IMAGE Sightseeing the Great Pollet Sea Arch
AWAYN IMAGE Sightseeing the Great Pollet Sea Arch

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Hidden away and it is great when you come across it. Sign posts point you in the general direction but on a nice day there is nothing better than a bit of exploring.To get to the arch from the main road from Portsalon you turn right or if coming from the Fandad Lighthouse obviously turn left, either way is well signposted. A word of warning it is a narrow winding road but not too long and the view from it is spectacular down Lough Swilly as far as you can see. (on a clear day) You have to park up the car and walk through a turnstile to gain access to the Arch. There are two ways to go, 1 across the field and down or follow the path. There is a right of way past a farmhouse but is OK and only occupied for a few weeks in the summer. It is private. Follow the path and curious donkeys who seem to live there. They are friendly but don't like dogs so keep them away or on a lead. The ground becomes rather steep and there is another stile on the extreme left and then you look around the corner and there it is in all it's glory. Even on a wet windy day it looks magnificent for photographs. The sea can be quite rough there so keep well back off the rocks. You can climb out quite a distance to the edge. The rocks at this point are quite steep and you could slip off them so stay on the inside. There are some interesting caves around the same bay to explore when the tide is out if you have time or small children who are "bored". Well worth the visit and you usually find yourself on your own as the trek down puts some folks off. Enjoy

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