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Fascinating Curious Cube Houses of Rotterdam

The Rotterdam cubic houses are magnificent and curious with a wonder. They were constructed in the 1970s by Piet Blom. As a result of the dilemma of building homes, Blom came up with this plan of building housed on top of the pedestrian’s bridge. He had constructed such houses however in another town, and he chooses to repeat the same in Rotterdam.

The structures are tilted in a hexagonal pole and made of concrete floor and pillars with wooden framing. The internal structure of the houses is divided into different levels; through a narrow staircase. The lower level is constructed in a triangular form used as a living room. The middle level is for sleeping and shower while the highest level is a spare area with a bedroom and other living space.

Besides the uniqueness of cubical houses design, they are meant to represent the abstract forest. The triangular top of the very house represents the abstract tree. When it is connected to its neighbor, it forms a sea of trees manufactured in the forest.

Cube Houses of Rotterdam is the best Centrum place for travelers who wish to visit the museum do shopping of hung out for food. It is situated in a central location next to the train. Therefore this makes it convenient for all visitors. The actual property of the whole house is spacious, unique, and clean with the prompt response. Besides, you are free to walk everywhere.

Overall, for a fascinating experience of the unique and eye-catching architecture, the cube house showroom was converted into a museum. It is accessible daily by the public from 11 am to 5 pm. it is the perfect place to spend time with family and later enjoys your stay at the cubical houses. The fees to access the museum is also relatively affordable by each visitor.



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