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Fedaia climb

Fedaia is one of the hardest climbs you will have in the Dolomites. Fedaia climb begins in the town of Caprile, where you can also locate the junction to ascend the Falzarego Pass or, only 500 meters away, you can start the long climb to the Giau Pass when you want to ride up the Fiorentina.


It is just a few kilometers from Caprile to enter the city of Saviner di Laste, where you are greeted by the Fedaia. It's not far off, but if you get to the beginning with cold legs after a long descent from the Falzarego, your legs may already feel hard. The path begins to flatten out again after this first' entree,' and you may be tempted to walk up the chain on the bigger loop, but you better save your legs for what happens later. You reach the city of Sottoguda after 5 km of climbing. You have two choices here: take the main road up to the left where the signs for "Passo Fedaia" go straight and follow the signs for "Serrai di Sottoguda." The descending slope of the Serrai di Sottoguda is between 9% and 11%, so you won't feel it. In this magical place, there is so much to see that time flies, and you suddenly find your sleep from this 2 km long canyon. Once you're back on the main street, the most painful part continues. It is a distance of 2.7 km from Malga Ciapela to the Capanna Bill shelter. Once you hit it, you can see the hut 1 km back, and above it, the Fedaia's only hairpins you dream of touching as quickly as possible to relieve the pain. At the start of the straight stretch is the home to Capanna Bill. If at the end of the hairpins you're expecting to hear another 'tune,' you're going to be disappointed because that won't happen. It carries on to the edge for the last 2.5 km. The street immediately flattens once you get there, and it'll look like you've taken the previous leap on a steep staircase. I suggest that you stop there and proceed until you get to the artificial lake (just a few hundred meters away). Passo Fedaia's peak is a dull plateau of 2.5 km where you can do several laps around the artificial lake as well.


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