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Brother Klaus Chapel

Brother Klaus Chapel is a concrete place located in Wachendorf Germany. Local farmers established the chapel at the edge of the field. Its flow is aligned with glass beads and molten lead fixed at the end of the walls making it magnificent and attractive. The aim of this is to allow light into the chapel.


The chapel was established with primal techniques, mystical and intimate interior design with a rectangular outer to attract more visitors into the chapel. The chapel has an elegant structure that has a connection to life.


Brother Klaus Chapel has unglazed tear drop Oculus that acts as a reference to the experience of Klaus. However, the most exciting thing about the chapel is the source of its light. Despite not having electricity, it gets its power from a hole in the trunk and steel pipes set on the walls to allow illumination to the poles placed on the Holes.


Visitors can visit the chapel during operational hours and worship as they would like. Surprisingly, it is the alien god that answers prayers in the chapel. In addition to the oculus, there exist small holes along the concrete walls with small hemispherical blown glass. The glass gives the chapel a unique flavour that brings light inside the chapel with air currents that make the scenery beautiful.


If you wish to visit the chapel, it remains always opens except Mondays. You can access the chapel on foot after a walk of about 15 minutes. It has a car park located on the out scats of the village. However, for people with mobility, there is a car park near the chapel.


Overall, the Brother Klaus Chapel is attributed to the vision of Brother Klaus, and it reflects the inevitable feeling that one will encounter at the chapel. The most remarkable thing about the chapel is religious architecture, thus making it an anticipated destination for many people.



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