Fern Gully of the Royal Botanic Gardens


AWAYN IMAGE Fern Gully of the Royal Botanic Gardens
AWAYN IMAGE Fern Gully of the Royal Botanic Gardens
AWAYN IMAGE Fern Gully of the Royal Botanic Gardens

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Inspired by southern New South Wales ' subtropical moist forests, William Guilfoyle planted grasses, palms and rainforest trees around a tiny ephemeral stream running from South Yarra to the Yarra River.

William Guilfoyle sought to recreate the Australian bush's fern gullies in designing the Fern Gully. Fossil proof indicates that the soft tree fern dates back to when Australia was part of the Gondwana Super Continent. After warm wild fires, ferns are one of the first crops to regenerate that kill many other crops.

Fern Gully has endured from drought pressures, 30,000 roosting flying foxes, and infrastructure failure over the past ten years. 

For individuals like me who are succulent lovers, it is impossible to miss Guifoyle's Volcano. Most of the succulent gardens I visited are indoors, like Singapore's Garden by the Bay. The succulents grown in the Guifoyle Volcano section of the Royal Botanic Garden are outdoors, which enhances the beauty of succulents by mixing with the real nature.

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