AWAYN IMAGE Fingal's Cave
AWAYN IMAGE Fingal's Cave
AWAYN IMAGE Fingal's Cave
AWAYN IMAGE Fingal's Cave

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A sea cave formed entirely in hexagonally joined basalt is nowhere else. Its appeal lies in the size, sounds, colors, and remarkable symmetry of this 227-foot cavern, and the gift of Nature's fractured columns that form a crude walkway just above the high water level, allowing visitors to go far into it. 

The question is often asked, "How was Fingal's Cave formed?" Eminent visitors have seriously claimed that it must have been hollowed out of the island by hand because of its regularity and because it points exactly to Iona. The answer is actually straightforward. Since the layer of rock consisting of columns would all have been laid down at one time, it follows that when the tilting occurred, pressure would have been exerted above the present site of the cave, and a fissure would have been forced to open directly below where the sea now rises. During storms over thousands of years, the vhuge waves that would have struck the island developed the fissure, undermining dozens of columns.

This place was well worth the effort to get across to the island. Absolutely amazing. Even if you're shaky in the legs, the boat will take you close by the cave so you have a great view. The island even has Puffin birds, if you are lucky & quiet enough to see them.

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