Fishing in Suluklu Gol


AWAYN IMAGE Fishing in Suluklu Gol
AWAYN IMAGE Fishing in Suluklu Gol
AWAYN IMAGE Fishing in Suluklu Gol
AWAYN IMAGE Fishing in Suluklu Gol
AWAYN IMAGE Fishing in Suluklu Gol

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People from various parts of the world come to visit this place. Are you thinking as to what is so special about this place? In this blog you will get to now as to why it is one of the most special tourist destination. The forest is within the region of Mudurnu, close to the villages of Akyol and Kuskavagi, south of Bolu within the Western sea region.

The best method to reach this place is via the Bolu-Abant Taskesti road.

People also call this place as Suluklu Gol (Lake). Here, Suluklu Gol (Lake) encompasses a distinctive forest scheme, caused by the tectonic movements of the world that have created an awfully moist atmosphere. Species of trees found here area unit larch, Scotch fir, fir, beech, oak, poplar, hornbeam, lime, cherry, and birch. The forest is additionally home to the cervid, wild boar, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, sparrow hawk, and tree frog.

Situated on the guts of a line, Suluklugol maybe a lake that attracts tourists from everywhere the world. People from various parts of the world love to visit to hike, fish, and boat around and on the water. Somewhat hours aloof from Stambul, Suluklugol is concerning eight metric linear units from Dokurcun. Many of the business agencies from the world - Turkey and close countries - organize weekend package visits to the lake.

Sülüklüköl Nature Park is found at intervals the boundaries of Bolu Mudurnu district and fifty metric linear units aloof from Mudurnu. The lake, that was fashioned as a result of landslides concerning three hundred years past, is protected by National Parks Associate in Nursing has an untouched beauty. Leeches that offer the name of the lake aren't any longer within the lake. 


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