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Fort Ord National Monument

At the National Monument of Fort Ord, a rich history, diverse habitat and plenty of recreational opportunities await you. Another coastal gem with more than 86 miles of trails offers opportunities for hiking, biking or horseback riding through rolling hills, chaparral and oak woods. In habitats that include streamside corridors, grasslands, maritime chaparral, oak forests and seasonal pools, you will see a huge diversity of plant life and animals. Fort Ord is also appreciated for its link with the heroism and dedication of men and women who served our nation and fought in the 20th century's major conflicts. This area remains undeveloped as a result of its role as a United States. Installation of the army from 1917 to 1994. It served as a leading training center and staging ground for deployment during the Vietnam War. It's all in the heart of the Monterey area, with its numerous attractions, abundant natural resources and beautiful access to the California Coast and Salinas Valley. 


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