Fort Worth Water Gardens


AWAYN IMAGE Fort Worth Water Gardens
AWAYN IMAGE Fort Worth Water Gardens
AWAYN IMAGE Fort Worth Water Gardens
AWAYN IMAGE Fort Worth Water Gardens

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Fort Worth Water Gardens are located next to to the Fort Worth Convention Center which is known to be an architectural and engineering phenomenon found in the middle of Downtown Fort Worth. The urban park is located on the south end of downtown Fort Worth and features a cooling oasis in the concrete jungle. This beautiful and refreshing architectural and engineering marvel lets you wander through a serene sanctuary where towering trees and walls encapsulate you with traveling water. You can also walk down the terraced steps and experience the sheer power of the captivating sound and motion of water cascading down around you. For sci-fi movie lovers, you might recognize this quiet, blue meditation pool, as it was featured in the 1976 movie Logan’s Run.  With three different pools for a gentle or powerful vibe, you can relax by the rushing water and get some beautiful pictures as well. The Water Gardens are a vastly different experience from Johnson’s garden projects like the MoMA’s Sculpture Garden, where although tiered levels along the landscape guide an experience, it’s remote from a pretentious play of concrete with the plants scurried to the edges as if in retreat. 

Swimming can be fun:

Roam around and look out for its beauty but you have to be careful. It’s dreadful to hear about the recent deaths but your safety should be your first priority. There’s the peaceful zone where a swimming-pool-blue space of water is surrounded by sheets of water rolling down the steep 38-foot walls, and then there’s the aerating pond where streams of water constantly spray up in turmoil. The showpiece unquestionably the Active Pool, where the majority of the 19,000 gallons of water that cycle through the park in a minute the water conservation obviously not being the goal here flows rapidly over broad terraces into a churning pool. If you like, you can even descend down a stone staircase, although there are no rails or barriers between you and the raging fountain.


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