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Franz Josef Glacier walk

Recommend the Heli Hike (so that you get up and onto the Glacier rather than simply walking up the the Glacier face) as we had a half-day of fun, walking on the glacier ice, looking into the crevasses, and taking a (memory card full) load of photographs of the sheer beauty of the ice form. A easily accessible place by car. A spectacular view of a big glacier. A educational photo history of the glacier. It shows how the glacier recede a few miles during the last few hundred years, but how it has come back and progressed about a half mile in the last 50 years. This is completely contrary to the current popular climate change views. Rather than melting in the last 50 years, it has actually grown substantially! If you are agile, you can climb the mountain and climb unto the glacier and we saw a number of people doing that. One final recommendation, do fasten the crampons 'tight' as instructed as if you don't you may find that they come loose as you walk around and you may feel a little unstable (just a word of warning and noting to be too concerned about).


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