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Get a view of Eiffel at Rue Saint Dominique

Rue Saint-Dominique is one of the best places to visit, as it has virtually anything visitors might want. There are many boutiques, flower shops, and French restaurants if you are a fashion fanatic or foody visiting this part of town is essential. 

If you want to eat something, you can jump into any of the open restaurants . You can also go to Rue Saint-Dominique to catch spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, so there is no lack of sightseeing. Rue Saint-Dominique is located near the Champs de Mars, and it's also simple to get there, mainly if you walk in a nearby street when you're in Paris. You can easily reach Rue Saint-Dominique Street in Paris in five minutes if you take a turn via Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg.

There are so many pastry and chocolate shops; many of them won award in Paris and French competitions. AND if you are dying for a Starbucks, it is at 90 St-Dominique. There are enough pharmacies and small supermarkets to do any shopping for the essentials as well.



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