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Stunning Autumn View in Ginko Tree Lane

Also recognized as living fossils, from the nursery of the College of Agriculture, Seoul National University in 1977, metasequoia trees were transplanted to Nami Island. As they grow big very fast, these trees soon paved a luxurious route and then became a worldwide symbol of Nami Island after being filmed for the Winter Sonata television series. Metasequoia Lane has turned out to be one of the most famous locations on Nami Island with its elegant, exotic and beautiful appearance.

You will find Songpa Gingko Tree Lane if you walk down Joongangwangjang (Central Plaza) heading south. About 80 meters long, the road is coated by lovely yellow gingko leaves in the autumn and is one of the island's most photographed regions. Riverside Lovers ' Gingko Tree Lane and Changgyeongwon Garden, which are particularly popular with couples, are located nearby on the island's southeastern coast.


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