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Hike to Glencoe Lochan Trail

This hike is a hidden gem following waymarked trails through ornamental woodland at the foot of Glen Coe.  There are lovely views of Bidean Nam Bian and The Pap of Glencoe, which dominate the landscape as well as the picturesque and serene lochan.

This trail starts close to gravel path signposted the Mountain Trail which ascends steeply through plantation, carpeted with mosses. This trail eventually emerges from the plantation to a viewing point with a bench, looking over Loch Leven, surrounded by Scot’s pine.

The path slides through a segment of Scot’s pine woodland before passing a small stream, and then heads back into plantation. The path ultimately appears at the lochan.  You can either turn left to head back to the car park or take the yellow route on the right as directed at the bench. The yellow trail heads through Scot’s pine woodland then passes through a small section of spruce estate, before emerging into a section of ancient hazel woodland. 

Remember that in Glencoe Lochan Trail, you can also find a number of exotic shrubs, ranging from shallon to bamboos from Asia in this trail as well.  

Majority of Glencoe is ruled by National Trust Scotland while the place is one amazing and most beautiful resort of Scotland. The site is altogether appealing to climbers as well as pedestrians while the village gives an experience of calm atmosphere.



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