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Gobekli Tepe The Oldest World’s Heritage Site

Are you one of those people who enjoy visiting famous heritage sites and the historical places all around the world? Gobekli Tepe is then the perfect place for you to visit these vacations. 

People consider this place as one of the oldest temples of the world. Moreover, this place also shares a place in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. People from different areas of the world come to visit this place. The creation of this place is said to be done about 12000 years ago. The location of Gobekli Tepe is in the south eastern part of Turkey. Also, many believe that this temple is older than the creation of wheel or writing. Furthermore, before the construction of the great pyramids, this temple was made. It is also known to be world’s oldest piece of architecture. 

People who come to visit here are fascinated by the piece of architecture that this place has. The construction differs from areas to areas but few of the things are in common. Few people also have a notion that the creation of this place was done by hunters and gatherers way before the construction revolution. 

There have been talks about converting this place as an archaeological park. This will further open the gates for various people to come here and look on to the various elements of the past. Not just this, people also come here to study and understand the architectural style of the people who were present here at that time. There are various government plans in order to spread awareness among people regarding this place. This in turn will enhance the tourism and the incoming of people and tourists here. 



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