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Off road driving in Montana Mountain Loop Trail

Excellent 4wd ride for a half-day or full-day. It can be a little crowded in parts on a nice weather weekend...otherwise I'd give this road a five star rating. The lower parts of the loop are fairly easy going. The higher parts (especially along FS 650) can get tricky at times. I've been on this road several times, and the condition of the road is never the same two trips in a row. If there has been any weather recently, parts of the loop can be slippery, or even snow covered in winter months. There are several shallow streams you'll cross. I've never been up there when they've been deep enough to consider not crossing, but I bet it happens at times. So...the rating of easy to moderate for this road can depend on current conditions. Personally, I wouldn't drive the entire loop without a high clearance 4WD vehicle in good working condition. Good tires and all... If you don't want to do the whole loop I would recommend doing the first half. The second half is faster with more graded roads but less panoramic views.


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