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Visit Göreme Turkey's Volcanic 'Fairy Chimneys'

Far from towns and up high on the fields near Göreme, you'll discover the "fairy chimneys," a geological artwork that baffled almost that ventured along the Old Silk Road trading route. This aged volcanic eruptions blanketed the region in thick ash, which later solidified into a soft rock called 'tuff.' When the natural forces of wind and water (erosion) did their work, only the harder elements were left behind to form the 'fairy chimneys' that can be seen today, stretching as far as 130 feet into the sky.

 When you get to Göreme, you can walk around or even through them if you choose! You can climb through the walkways to different levels of the rock formations.

There are stores at the entrance and directly across the road.

They have photographers there taking photos of you and your family - and for a minimal fee, they can put your photo onto a 'fairy chimney' keepsake display plate to take home.

Free close parking available. Camel rides are also available for a fee.

For getting to Goreme, the easiest way is to take a plane. The nearest airports are located in the towns of Kayseri and Nevsehir. There are a few daily flights from Istanbul to both of them - flight time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Kayseri is about 80 km (50 miles - 1 hour 20 min drive) away from Goreme and Nevsehir Airport - 40 km (25 miles). There are no public buses, so if you don't intend to rent a car, you must inquire about the transfer at your hotel. 

There are no direct trains from Istanbul, you'll have to go to Ankara first, then to Konya. From Konya, you can take a bus to Cappadocia.

There are, however, overnight buses from Istanbul - it can be the cheapest but most tiring and time-consuming option (around 12 hours). The fare is about 30 EUR/34 USD one way. However, if you book flight early enough, you can find a good deal, sometimes even for approximately 40 EUR/46 USD for a return flight (especially out of season)!


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