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Gorges du Verdon Kayak

Gorges Du Verdon Kayak is an incredible natural sight with colored water under the Cliffs that is about 700m high. Gorges is located at the northern tip of Lac de Ste, which is between two beaches that are brightly colored. The site has a beautiful view of the paddle bride. Therefore, Gorges is a stop for a photo place that you will not want to miss.

The best way to see Gorges Du Verdon is to have experience of the town. You can also hire a kayak or a boat so that you can enjoy the experience at your own pace. You should also not forget to carry your camera along.

Near the river, there are many caves that you can paddle into, waterfalls as well as small beaches that you can easily pull your boat and have a picnic with your friend or family. A trip to Verdon may be extended but worth it, and the fantastic scenery is a one-stop adventure.

Several things you can do at the beach, in diving or swimming or can also take an electric boat if the raw is tiring. Besides, there is an on the top on the look of the highway. It makes you down to the water’s edge. It is a picnic like no other you should not want to miss.

However, it is essential to remember to carry your sandals while planning your trip to protect your feet from injuries. This is because the sand has small stones they may harm you. 

Finally, Gorges Du Verdon is one of the stunning sites that you should; not miss. It is, therefore, a must-do place when traveling you will enjoy  never miss any experience in the beach book your tour now to enjoy the breathtaking activities at the beach.



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