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Gorman Falls

Three miles roundtrip, -200 foot elevation gain. $6 Entrance Fee (Free with TX State Parks Pass). 65 feet of cascading water. A unique "living" waterfall. Scenic hike. Dog-friendly.

Gorman Falls is virtually a gem of the Texas Hill Country. This waterfall is located in Colorado Bend State Park, one of the most numerous nation parks in the area, and is what is considered a "living" waterfall. While most waterfalls will get smaller over time, Gorman Falls gets bigger. This is due to the excessive concentration of carbon dioxide in the water that runs thru the massive limestone deposits in the area. Changes in temperature and stress dissolve minerals in the water forming deposits on tiny underwater flora and surfaces. Over time the deposits construct up and form a rock known as Travertine, which has made Gorman Falls 650 toes broad and 60 toes thick over hundreds of thousands of years. However, these gentle layers of Travertine can be overwhelmed so they area proper round the waterfall is constrained to foot site visitors in order to maintain the fragile environment. So be respectful to the region if you visit, it is nonetheless a gorgeous sight!

The entrance to Colorado Bend State Park is off FM 580 in Bend, Texas. If you are travelling the park just for the day there is a self-service pay station right as you enter on the right. If you are planning to continue to be the night time you must proceed alongside the park road for some other 6 miles to the park headquarters to pay for a tenting site. Gorman Falls Trailhead is placed proper close to the park entrance and without problems has a parking lot at the start. The path itself is three miles roundtrip, on the other hand the park does have a free two hour scheduled team tour that will take you on a shorter 1.5 mile hike to the falls (call beforehand for times if fascinated in the tour). The hike itself is noticeably rugged via an arid, hot panorama that is surrounded via hundreds of cacti. It's fine to begin as early as you can to beat the heat and make sure you deliver a lot of water. 



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